Batch PDF Encryptor : Encrypt Multiple PDF Files In Seconds

When you want to put restrictions to your PDF files, you have to encrypt them and lock them with passwords. Such encrypted PDF files can be opened in any standard PDF viewer application such as Adobe PDF Reader or Sumatra PDF, but the user has to provide the passwords to view or read them. Furthermore, the owner of the PDF file can also apply many restrictions during the encryption process. For example, the owner can prevent the PDF file from being printed or the text from the PDF file from being copy-pasted anywhere else.

Drag-n-drop user interface

Batch PDF Encryptor is a small tool that can be used to encrypt a lot of PDF files in a few seconds. This software has a drag-n-drop user interface which is very helpful in working with hundreds of PDF files. After launching the Batch PDF Encryptor application, you will notice that you have to provide two passwords for encryption – one is for the owner and another is for the users. The owner password should not be shared with anyone as it can be used to decrypt or unlock the PDF completely.

Batch PDF Encryptor

Random passwords for different PDF files

The second password is for the users so that they can use this password to view the PDF on their devices. The Batch PDF Encryptor application offers two methods of entering the passwords – use the same password for all files or use different random passwords for all the PDF files. In the second case, it generates random passwords of the selected length and saves them in a text and a CSV file so that you can see which password is for which of the PDF files.

Batch PDF Encryptor

Set PDF restrictions

The user can also control the restrictions and choose whether to have both print and copy restrictions, only one of these, or none of the restrictions. As soon as the user finished the drag-n-drop of the PDF  files, the encryption process starts and the encrypted/locked PDF files are saved in the output folder.

Batch PDF Encryptor


Batch PDF Encryptor is by far the easiest and fastest PDF encryption tool that I have come across. It does not require any additional or external tools. It works smoothly and produces PDF files which are compatible with all the PDF reader software.

You can download Batch PDF Encryptor from