Emjysoft Photo ID : Create ID Card Photos on Your PC

Even though everything is rapidly becoming digital with each new day, some businesses keep the old paper format applications as backup. For example, now-a-days opening bank accounts does not really require filling a paper based application form if you have all the documents, but they also offer the old fashioned paper applications for convenience of the customers. In all these applications, you have to attach your passport size ID photographs. Surely, you can go to a nearby photo printing place but you can print your own passport size photos at home with Emjysoft Photo ID  software.

This software can take your photo through a camera, a webcam or you can also use an existing photo too. It uses a wizard like interface that takes you from one step to another and creates your photo ID in a very short time. First, you have to select your photo, then it aligns and crops the photo and finally those photo IDs are saved in the software for use as many times as you wish.

Emjysoft Photo ID

You can choose the format of the ID photo which is different depending on the country. For example, a passport size photo from United States has different dimensions (length and width) than those for French passport photos. You can also choose the paper size on which you want to print these photos. You can use A4 sheets but many printers use 4×7 sheets as well. It is recommended that you use glossy photo paper for better quality prints.

When the software has created a grid of photo ID, you can either save it or print it with your connected printer. If you want to have it printed at a local shop, then you can use a virtual PDF printer (such as Bullzip PDF ) to create a PDF file with your photographs and then take that PDF to the local print shop.

Emjysoft Photo ID can come handy when you need ID photos quickly. Its wizard user interface makes everything so easy that even a novice can print their ID photos in less than a minute.

You can download Emjysoft Photo ID from https://www.emjysoft.com/logiciel-photo-identite/.