Block Unwanted Telecallers with tellows Called ID App

As soon as you give your brand new mobile number to someone, you know that sooner or later it will end up in the hands of spammers, scammers, pranksters, robocallers and telecallers. The worst of this bunch are the scammers who pretend to be a bank officer. They pretend to check details about your bank accounts and unsuspecting victims often lose their hard earned money by falling prey to their tricks.

One way to find out who is really calling you is by using a caller ID app like tellows. It maintains a database of phone numbers, mobile numbers and who they belong to. So when some scammer calls you pretending to be a bank officer, you can find out through the tellows app that it is actually a well known scammer.

As soon as you receive a phone call, tellows screen pops up showing you the caller ID. This helps you identify whether the person calling you is safe to talk to. For all the numbers, it also displays the user provided rating – thumbs up or thumbs down. We can also see the comments left by other tellows users about that phone number.


By reading the comments of other users, we can know about a mobile numbers. For example, some comments might read – “this is a scammer, often calls around 2 PM”. Then you know that thousands of other users have already been targeted by the caller. You can also find what the caller usually does and the method of scam used.

The basis for detection of various phone numbers is the large database of tellows users, who report every new suspicion every day and thus contribute to reliable identification. If your number has been reported in a wrong manner, you can approach tellows for correction.

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