Kopia : Secure and Open-Source Backup Software

Kopia is an open-source backup software for Windows, macOS, Linux and FreeBSD. It is very flexible and can produce highly encrypted set of backups on a number of locations. It can backup the files to a local directory, cloud storage, FTP servers or network drives.

Kopia is available from its GitHub page is fully portable application. It is mainly a command line interface (CLI) application, but for the ease of operation, the developer also offer a GUI version of Kopia. There is no difference between the CLI and GUI versions of Kopia as far as the functions are considered. But some people prefer one over the other depending whether they find it easy to work with GUI or with the CLI. The CLI version can be of great use when you want to automate the backups through batch scripts.

As far as features are considered, Kopia has the same set of the features as you would find in an expensive backup tool. However, it uses some terms that you would not find in other software. For example, it uses the term ‘repository’ to indicate the destination location where backups are placed. It calls backup rules ‘policies’ and it calls backup sets  “snapshots”.


Kopia uses a wizard like user interface in the GUI version. We begin by adding a password which is used to encrypt all of your backups. The same password is used to decrypt the backup when restoring your files. Next step involves choosing a destination. After this, we can choose the backup rules, and then task scheduler can be used.

The best part of using Kopia backup software is that we can quickly configure it and save the backups. It supports all the popular cloud storage providers like Amazon S3, Google Cloud, Backblaze B2, Azure Blob Storage, and more.

You can download Kopia from https://github.com/kopia/kopia/.