Fast File Encryptor : Quickly Encrypt or Decrypt Very Large Files

Fast File Encryptor is a file encryption tool that can process very large files efficiently in a few seconds or minutes. It can process individual files as well as entire folders containing a number of files in a few seconds. It comes with a file shredding tool using which we can securely erase files by overwriting them with random data. Furthermore it has a virtual drive tool which is similar to the shell command SUBST.

Fast File Encryptor has a unique tabbed user interface. Each of these tabs has a dedicated feature for use. For example, there is a tab for encrypting the files, one tab for encrypting the folder, another tab for shredding files and yet another for mounting a folder as a virtual drive.

For the encrypting of individual files, we have to select the file and enter the password for encryption. We can enter a maximum of 32767 characters for the password. Instead of using a password, we can also use another file for encryption of the first file. Lastly, we can choose one of the methods for encryption of the files. There are 256 methods available in total.

Fast File Encryptor

The encryption of the folders works exactly the same way as that of files. The only difference is that the entire content of a folder are processed in this method. The “often used” section allows you to quickly encrypt the files and folders that you access frequently.

The shredder for files is a very standard shredder. It does not give any options as to the type of shredding used. But it overwrites the selected files with random data. It also allows you to delete the files after shredding. The shredded files are not renamed before deletion and they still appear in the MFT.

Fast File Encryptor

Fast File Encryptor also comes with  a virtual drive tool which is akin to the SUBST command that has existed on Windows operating system for more than twenty years.

All things considered, Fast File Encryptor is a basic file encryption tool. It is unclear which cipher is used to encrypt the files but it is very fast in both encryption and decryption.

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