Starus File Recovery : Restores All Lost Files on Windows

It is not very uncommon to accidentally delete some of your files because of one or another reasons. For example, if your Windows PC becomes a victim of the latest malware then the malware can damage the files partially or completely. Another situation is data corruption because of the power failure in your locality. There is also a possibility of data loss occurring as a result of the hardware failure.

Starus File Recovery is a smart data recovery software that can help you easily and quickly recover your lost data from your Windows PC. It can work with all kinds of internal and external hard disk drives or solid state drives. In addition, it can also restore the files from the backup as soon as the backup report is published.

As you launch Starus File Recovery, you will realize that it mimics the classic File Explorer that used to come with Windows. You can select one of the drives from the list of all the partitions available on your computer. You can then begin scanning for the lost files. By default, it performs a very quick scan of the hard drives.

Starus File Recovery

During this quick scan you might get a report that lost or deleted files have been found here and there. In this case, you may want to use the regular scan using which can scan through the hard drive in much more details. The files that Starus File Recovery discovers on your drives, can be checked in the previews before you can recover them.

Starus File Recovery can recover files from virtual hard drives and drive images too. We can find these features in the toolbar. Using the Save Disk feature we can copy and modify existing settings. We can then load this hard drive image and use Starus File Recovery to reover files easily.

You can download Starus File Recovery from