Mint : Open-Source Minimal App Launcher for Windows

Windows provides many ways to launch apps from and keep their shortcuts. For example, we can have program shortcuts on the Windows desktop, on the Start Menu and in the Windows Taskbar itself. But despite all these locations, we might want to have a separate personal app launcher like Mint that contains shortcuts to all of our personal apps and websites.

Mint is an open-source, minimal, portable and very well designed app launcher for Windows. It can be used to add shortcuts to all of our personal favorite programs. It keeps all the settings and shortcuts inside a sub-folder and does not spread any data all over the Windows PC. This makes it an ideal candidate for pendrive apps. We can keep it on a USB pendrive and use it anywhere on any PC provided the applications for which shortcuts are created exist on those computers too.

Mint App Launcher

The user interface of Mint app launcher contains an editor from which we can add, edit or delete the shortcuts. The rest of the Mint app launcher stays in the notification area of the Windows desktop. This is from where we can launch our programs with much ease.

In the editor of Mint app launcher, we can easily add a new app. We have to browse an app (EXE) on our computer and then give it a title. This title will appear in the list of shortcuts. We can also group some apps together using the group feature but it is optional. Groups are helpful if you have a list of dozens or hundreds of apps.

Mint App Launcher

After adding all the apps in the list, we can see them by right-clicking on the notification area icon of Mint app launcher. In the options for Mint app launcher, we can also change the color  themes and choose themes like Amethyst, Amber, Ruby, Jade, Azurite, and Silver. There is also an option to make it auto-start with Windows.

You can download Mint App Launcher from