NETworkManager : Open-Source Tool for Network Management

When it comes to network related tasks such as finding the IP addresses connected to a domain name or finding the ping time from a server, we use a number of command line tools. For all of these command line tools, there are different parameters which we learn only through enough practice.

But now an open-source tool called NETworkManager is going to make life easy for the network administrators. It is pack of all the network related tools which can be accessed from a single window user interface.

As soon as we launch it, it displays the network configurations for the local computer, the router through which we are accessing the internet, and the public IP address for the internet access. For all of these, it shows the IPv4 and IPv6 addresses along with the DNS server settings

From the sidebar, we can choose a range of tools related to network analysis. For example, we can view all the network adapters from under the Network Interface category. We can check the WiFi network related information from under the WiFi category.


It comes with a Port Scanner tool which can scan and collect information about the ports in a given range for a target IP address. It can show whether those ports are open, close or are accepting connections. It comes with an IP scanner which can scan a range of IP addresses for the common ports. It also offers the graphical user interface for the common tools for tracing route or for pinging. The Connections category is of vast importance as it shows all the current connections between your PC and the Internet.

NETworkManager can also use PuTTY if it is already installed on the local computer. You can download and install PuTTY from After installing when you launch NETworkManager , PuTTY will be available from the sidebar.

You can download NETworkManager from