Check PC Monitor for Problems with Eizo Monitor Test

Everyone seems to be buying hardware online these days. When Amazon is giving great deals on gaming monitors then it is very hard to resist from placing an online order. But sometimes the computer monitors that we order online have small defects. For example, the LED screen might have dead pixels or stuck pixels.

This is why we suggest that after receiving your PC screen from Amazon, you should quickly check it for any problems with the help of Eizo Monitor Test. If there is a problem, you can quickly apply for a return.

The Eizo Monitor Test is a web app and it can check any LED screen for many different types of errors. It can check for defective pixels, uniformity, sharpness, color distances, gradient, viewing angles, gamma, response time and more. It can also display the good old TV test patterns.

In order to use Eizo Monitor Test, all you have to do is visit Eizo Monitor Test website ( and click on the Start Test button.

Eizo Monitor Test

Before clicking on this button, you can also deselect any type of tests that you want to avoid. But you must select at least one test before proceeding.

During the test, you will see a number of patterns and other tests. You can go back and forth between these screens using the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard. You can exit the test by using the Escape key on your keyboard.

All of these tests have their own way of identifying problems on your LED/LCD screens. For example, the defective pixel tests show your screen in red, green, blue, black, grey colors. We can notice any small pixels not working for these particular colors easily using these tests. You have to be very careful to notice small pixels or you will miss them.

Eizo Monitor Test

Similarly, other tests also determine the various capabilities of the monitor. For example, we can check the viewing angles performance using the Viewing Angle test.  It should be noted that some of these tests might be affected because of special settings inside the monitor itself.