Office.Files.Images : View and Extract Images from Office Documents

We keep using one or other images in our Microsoft Office documents. Whether it is Word documents, Excel worksheets or PowerPoint presentations, they all have some image files embedded inside them. When we want to reuse or find some of these images we have to open them one by one and go through all the pages to see if the images exist and if the found images are the one that we are looking for.

But not the task has been made very easy through the use of a free tool called Office.Files.Images. This tool can analyze the newer Office documents and scan them for the image files. It does not work for older Office file formats such as DOC, XLS and PPT. But it works with XML based newer formats such as DOCX, PPTX etc.


In the user interface of Office.Files.Images, we can drag-n-drop the Office documents anywhere on the window. The dropped files are quickly analyzed by Office.Files.Images and then it displays a list of all the images that it has discovered inside the Office documents.

By default, it displays a list of these images that it has found in your Office documents. But we can also view thumbnails of various sizes such as 128 pixels, 256 pixels,  and 512 pixels. In the tool, we can also filter the Office documents by their filenames. Similarly, we can also filter the images by their names.

Not only we can view the images used in the Office documents, we can also extract and export them to any folder of our choice. By click on the Export all button we can export them all. By selecting the images first, we can extract only the selected images. We can also force the application to perform a task after the extraction is over. It can perform a task such as shutdown the PC, put the computer on standby mode, close the application etc.

You can download Office.Files.Images from