Spirex : Spirograph Based Free Screen Saver for Windows

Back in the days when everyone was using big bulky CRT monitors for their desktop computers, there was always a concern of these monitors getting burned-in. Screen burn-in is a problem that can happen to a CRT monitor if the same image is being displayed on the screen for a long time. In order to avoid this problem, experts came up with the idea of screensavers which keep changing the images on the screen.

Now all these years later, when everyone is using LED screens and CRT monitors have become largely obsolete, screensavers are not going to serve the same purpose. But screensavers like Spirex can be fun to watch when taking  a lunch break at work.

Spirex is a screensaver that was created in the early 1990’s for the MS-DOS which also ran on Windows 95/98. It has since been upgraded to work on newer versions of Windows. Now it uses OpenGL and works flawlessly on Windows 10 and Windows 11 too.

Spirex Screensaver

Spirex comes with an installer and it automatically sets itself as the default screensaver. After 15 minutes of inactivity on a Windows PC, it becomes active. In the settings of Spirex, we can choose a preset from Blobs, Earth, Planet Homer, Ribbons, Spheres, Spirals, Torqued Ellipses and more.

We can also choose the number of spirals, length of he spirals, speed of generating the spirals, and the texture used for the screensavers. We can also make it check for the updates at regular intervals. It has a hot corner feature too which can disable the screensaver when the mouse cursor is placed in a certain corner.

We can also change the level of details being displayed on the screen between coarse and fine. For laptops running on batteries, it can drop down the graphics quality to improve the battery life.

You can download Spirex screensaver from https://www.ozonehouse.com/Spirex/index.html.