Photo Magic AI : Upscale and Improve Images Easily

Photo Magic AI is a software that offers easy editing of the images using the power of the artificial intelligence. It is available for the Windows platform only. It downloads the AI engine data on your computer during the installation. It can be used to upscale the images and removal of noise from the photographs.

Powered with the artificial intelligence (AI), Photo Magic AI can be used to carry out photo editing in a matter of seconds. This tool does not require connection to the internet in order to carry out some of the graphics editing effects.

For each of the AI based graphics editing operations, it offers different tabs in the application window. There are four tabs namely – Upscale Image, Remove Noise, Batch Upscaling, Batch Noise Removal, and Settings.

Photo Magic AI

For upscaling, it has three modes based on which it uses different methods. If the image is a photograph then it has a different upscaling method. Similarly, there are different methods for upscaling cartoon, anime and text containing images. In a similar way, it offers a number of methods to remove the noise from the images.

In the settings, we can choose the graphics card to be used for working with the Photo Magic AI. This application does not work with any older graphics cards or integrated GPU chips. The graphics card must be a modern one and should have support for OpenGL’s latest features such as Vulcan and Cuda. We recommend using a graphics card such as Nvida GeForce 710M or better.

Photo Magic AI is available only as a demo version which has certain limitations. When we make changes to the images using Photo Magic AI, it adds the text DEMO on the edited images. For removing these watermarks, you can buy the licensed version of Photo Magic AI.

You can download Photo Magic AI from