Simple Video Cutter : Cut Smaller Clips from Longer Videos

Even though expensive video editing software such as Adobe Illustrator offer a huge variety of features and open up your world to an infinite number of possibilities, they are not really for the beginners. In order to use these software, one has to undergo proper training. This is why there are many courses available for video editing using software like Adobe Illustrator in the universities.

If you do not want to invest a large sum of your money and many years of your time in learning these software, then you can try smaller tools such as Simple Video Cutter. It is a small and simple program for cutting out a small video clip from a longer video.

Simple Video Cutter is not only a video editor but we can use it to watch the videos too. For loading a video, first we are going to click on the “Open File” button and select the video file. After this you can play the video and wait until you come to the point which is going to the start of the video clip that you wish to extract. Similarly, you can mark the ending of the video clip. These features are given under the “Set Start” and “Set End” buttons.

Simple Video Cutter

After making a selection, all we have to do click on the “Perform Cut” button to cut the video clip and save it somewhere on your computer. Internally, this software makes use of FFmpeg libraries which produce very high quality videos.

Simple Video Cutter does not offer many features. But it excels in the one feature that it offers and makes it very easy for anyone to cut the smaller clips out of longer videos. It is an ideal tool for the beginners who have never learned to edit videos using other popular video editor software.

You can download Simple Video Cutter from