Poper Blocker : Remove Popups in Google Chrome Browser

Poper Blocker is a web browser extension for the Google Chrome browser. It can block pop-ups, cookies, trackers, notifications and more. It can make browsing the web safe and trouble free once again.

After installing Poper Blocker, you will notice its icon in the browser toolbar. If the icon does not appear, then we can manually make it stick to the omnibar/toolbar.

Now whenever you visit a website, it will automatically filter the annoyances usually found on various websites. When you click on the toolbar icon, it shows how many distractions it has blocked. In the settings for the Poper Blocker, we can choose to block basic popups, block advanced popups (overlays), hide website notifications, hide cookie requests, and more.

Poper Blocker

In the settings there is a very useful option which allows the users to remove any part of the website. This feature is useful if we want to avoid seeing something on a website. I think it is useful to avoid the live-streams that play irrespective of the user requests on a website.

Another very interesting feature that Poper Blocker offers is “Social media filter”. It can filter or hide the social media posts containing a particular word. We can choose which words it can filter and add our own words. For example, if you do not want to see “diet and nutrition” related posts on Facebook, then you can check the respective category to be filtered when you are on a social network.

Poper Blocker

The Poper Blocker extension is also very useful to dismiss the cookie requests which appear on all the websites. Whenever you visit a website, they show a cookie notification. Some of these sites display a huge banner for this cookies request. With the help of this extension we can quickly make these cookie banners disappear.

You can get the Poper Blocker extension for Google Chrome web browser from https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/pop-up-blocker-for-chrome/bkkbcggnhapdmkeljlodobbkopceiche.