Shortcuts Creator : Create All Types of Shortcuts on Windows

There are many places on a Windows PC where we can have the shortcuts to our favorite programs, games, files or websites. For example, these shortcuts can be on the Desktop, on the Start Menu, on the right-click context-menu, on the Programs installed area in the Start menu, and more.

Usually we keep the shortcuts to the most used programs on the Windows PC desktop so that we can quickly access them without having to fumble around the whole hard disk drive. The least important shortcuts are left buried deep inside the long Programs sub-menu of the Start menu.

If you want to create one or more shortcuts to your favorite or most frequently used programs in any of the popular locations, you can use a freeware tool called Shortcuts Creator. It is a very small tool for creating shortcuts.

Shortcuts Creator

In this small tool, we have to first choose the program for which we want to create the shortcuts. It offers an easy to use drag-n-drop user interface for selection of the programs. Then we can manually enter the shortcut description, arguments and the display name.

Next we have to choose whether we want to open the folder containing the new shortcut after the shortcut has been created. We can choose to either create or delete the shortcuts. We can choose a location where the new shortcut is going to be created – desktop, programs, Start Menu, Quick Launch, or Send To. Clicking on the Register button initiates the shortcut creation process.

Using this program we can create shortcuts to the same program, file or website in several locations in just one click. It is going to be very useful if you want to create shortcuts to your favorite programs without actually opening the target folders or locations.

You can download Shortcuts Creator from