SpyZooka : Junk Cleaner and Anti-Spyware for Windows

As we use our Windows PC, it is a surety that some junk files will start to get accumulated on the hard disk drive. These junk files are  piled up as a result of regular use of the computer and nobody, no matter how tech-savvy they are, can prevent these junk files. But we can do one thing, we can clean them off our PC now and then. For this regular cleaning, we can use specialized software like SpyZooka.

SpyZooka is an advanced junk files remover for Windows PC. In addition, it can also streamline your computer settings, optimize its performance and also get rid of some of the anti-spyware.

SpyZooka has a unique and modern user interface. On its main screen, it shows a brief summary of your PC status – how much junk has been accumulated on your PC, how much of your hard drive is full, how much load is on your CPU and how much of system RAM has been occupied.


In order to find the junk files on your PC, you can click on the “Scan” button. It will scan your PC for junk files, registry issues and tracking cookies. It also scans for possible spyware on your PC in various places.

Under the optimize section, we can find the tools manage the programs that are being run on Windows start. We can also view and manage the services that have been installed on your Windows PC. In addition, we can also manage the settings and add-ons for various web browsers.

SpyZooka also comes with some security tools such as file shredder and drive shredder. The file shredder can securely delete all the files and the drive shredder can completely erase a drive securely. There is also a process manager using which we can manage the currently running processes.

We tested SpyZooka on a Windows 11 PC and it worked as promised. It manager to find several junk files and some spyware cookies as well. The program did not put too much stress on the system and ended up making the PC overall much lighter and faster than before.

You can download SpyZooka from https://spyzooka.com/.