How to Delete Installed Themes from Windows 11

Halloween is around the corner and we can begin preparing for the Halloween activities in advance. One small thing that we can all do is get rid of the boring themes from Windows 11 and install the Halloween themes on our Windows computers.

Windows 11 comes with a bunch of themes already installed. In addition, there are more themes that the users can install on their own by downloading them from Microsoft Theme site. While the official themes that come with Windows 11 already installed cannot be deleted, the user installed themes can be easily be deleted.

Here is how you can delete user installed themes from Windows 11:

  1. Right-click on the Windows desktop and choose Personalization from the right-click context-menu.
  2. On the Personalization settings screen, click on the Themes section.Delete Windows 11 Theme
  3. You will see a number of themes listed on the  Themes screen. Some of these themes cannot be deleted, but only user installed themes can be removed. In order to delete a theme, right-click on of these themes and select Delete from there.Delete Windows 11 Theme

Of course, you cannot delete the theme that is being used. So make sure you switch to some different theme before deleting a particular theme.

There is another method for removing all the user installed themes from your Windows PC. This method involves directly deleting all the theme related files manually. Here is how it is done:

  1. Press the hotkey Win+R to open the Run dialog.
  2. In the Run dialog, type %localappdata%\Microsoft\Windows\Themes and press Enter key.Delete Windows 11 Theme
  3. In the folder that opens up, you will be able to see all the files related to all of your themes. You can select all the files except the file names “Custom.theme” and delete them all.Delete Windows 11 Theme
  4. You may want to restart your Windows PC or do a cycle of signing-out/signing-in to your Windows account once so that deleted themes are not loaded anymore.