TrafficMonitor : Free Tool to Show Network Traffic on Desktop

On many of the Android smartphones, we can see the current data download and upload speed always in the notification bar. But Windows does not show such details right-away on the desktop. There is a network or WiFi icon that shows up in the notification area of the Windows desktop, but it does not convey any other information to the user without opening many more windows.

If you want to view your current download and upload speeds then you can try an open-source tool called TrafficMonitor. It is network monitoring software that displays the current network speeds, CPU and RAM usage. Its window keeps floating on the desktop and we can drag it anywhere we want.

TrafficMonitor has been designed for the Windows platform. In addition of viewing it from the desktop, we can also integrate it into the Windows taskbar. It has many versions, one of which can display the sensor information from various temperature sensors available on your Windows PC.


Typically, the temperature sensors are present on the storage drives (HDD and SSD), on the processors (CPU, GPU, APU etc). On some motherboards, there are one or more than one temperature sensors present.

TrafficMonitor can be made to have a pleasant appearance by changing its skins. It comes with many different skins, but some of them are in the Chinese language while others are in the English language.

When we right-click on the small floating window of TrafficMonitor, we can choose many different settings for this tool. For example, we can change the skins, we can change the notify icon, we can allow it to cross the screen edges,  we can even choose the network interface which it is going to monitor. We can also change its opacity and make it look less or more transparent.

You can download TrafficMonitor from