Duplicate Cleaner Pro : Find & Remove Duplicate Files

Duplicate Cleaner Pro is a powerful software to find and remove identical files on a Windows PC. It is able to remove not only duplicate files, but also duplicate folders. This feature is rarely found in identical file finding applications but is of immense use.

In the Duplicate Cleaner Pro user interface, we can set a search criteria based on which it is going to look for the duplicate files on a Windows computer. The search for the duplicate files produces the results based on this search criteria. This software offers a very advanced search criteria and leaves nothing more to desire.

In the search criteria we can pick one of the many scan modes such as  regular mode, image mode, audio mode and video mode. For all of these modes we can choose to find the duplicate files by matching their contents by a 100% match, by finding very similar content files or ignoring their content and depending on some other factors like file names, file size or file tags.

Duplicate Cleaner Pro

After this we can click on the “Start Scan” button to initiate the search. When the search results appear, all the identical files are grouped together to indicate that they are similar or duplicate. We can select the files that we do not want and delete them.

Duplicate Cleaner Pro also comes with many tools which are very useful for everyone. One of these tools is empty folders remover. This tool can find and remove all the empty folders on your drive. But care must be taken as some programs intentionally leave a folder empty for their internal use.

Similarly, there is another tool called Hash tool which can be used to calculate the file hashes for the small or large files. It can find hashes using a number of algorithms including MD5, SHA-1 and SHA-256.

You can download Duplicate Cleaner Pro from https://www.digitalvolcano.co.uk/dcpro.html.