Uninstalr : Fast, Portable, Advanced Windows Uninstaller

Windows comes with an app uninstaller of its own and it works pretty good most of the times. But its weakness lies in the fact that it depends on the uninstaller software that comes with the software installer packages itself. So if a software has an uninstaller that leaves behind tons of files and registry entries, Windows’ Programs and Features uninstaller cannot really do anything.

This is where Uninstalr shines like a big bright star. It can remove installed software from Windows as usual.  But in addition, it can also use some very intelligent algorithms to find the files and Registry entries related to that software which can be removed easily. It can also batch remove multiple applications with a single click.

Uninstalr does not depend on the list of installed software found in the Windows Registry. Rather it scans the local drives to find all the installed and portable software. It can also detect the folders left behind by the software that has been previously removed. If an uninstaller left folders and files behind, then Uninstalr can also find those and accurately predict the software to which they belong to.


Uninstalr keeps impressing the user with its never ending features. One of its features lets the user monitor a software installation. This way it keeps track of all the files and registry entries every created or modified by that software. Whenever you want to uninstall that software in future, Uninstalr will be able to accurately remove all the files, folders, registry entries and various other settings made by that software.

Uninstalr is a complete and thorough software uninstaller for Windows PC. It can detect and remove software installed by the user using a setup package, using Microsoft Store, through Chocolatey, using Ninite, using Nuget and more.

You can download Uninstalr from https://uninstalr.com/#download.