Monica GPT : AI Powered Assistant for Google Chrome Browser

Monica GPT is an AI powered helping assistant for the Google Chrome users. It can help you do many things from inside the Chrome web browser. You can ask it any sort of question and it will answer you just as you would find the answer on OpenAI Chat GPT.

Monica GPT is powered by three different AI Chat engines – Google Bard, Claude and Chat GPT. We can choose which one of these you want to use for your daily tasks. For the free users, it can make use of the old GPT 3.5  but if you have a paid account with OpenAI then you can also use your GPT 4.0 AI engine. Depending on the Chat AI engine, the performance and experience with Monica GPT is going to vary for different users.

Monica GPT can be used to help the user write text snippets, paragraphs, articles and even essays. You can open Gmail in Google Chrome and let Monica GPT compose a message on your behalf. All you have to do is tell it about your subject matter and what should be included or excluded. The more precise instructions a user provides, the better quality of the text generated by Monica GPT is going to be.

Monica GPT

Monica GPT is good not only for composing, but it is also great for reading. Suppose you come across a very long article in a magazine or newspaper. You can select the text and let Monica GPT prepare a small summary of that article. This method is really great for the students who do not want to go through the pain of reading classical literature when doing their school assignments. They can prepare a report on Shakespeare’s plays in just a few minutes and impress their teachers to receive full credits.

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