Vovsoft Contact Manager : Easy Contacts Database for PC

Even though everyone keeps and manages their contacts on their smartphones these days, when you have hundreds and hundreds of contacts, it is better to manage them on your PC. First of all, it is much more convenient to manage a long list of contacts on a desktop PC. Secondly, it is an excellent idea to keep an archive or old contacts as backup on your PC. For both of these tasks, a freeware called Vovsoft Contact Manager can help.

Vovsoft Contact Manager is a Windows application that can be used to create, populate and manage the user databases related to the people. You can use it to make a new database or import the contacts database from other computers. The database of contacts are saved in a local file named “empty.db” which is going to increase in size as soon as the users adds new contacts to the database using the tool.

In the user interface of the Vovsoft Contact Manager, we can see  that is it was designed for the portable work as well as with the installed version too. In its window we can add a new address book. We can use the form and enter all the information we can along with their names and family names.

Vovsoft Contact Manager

The newly added database does add a security like layer to the operating system. Now nobody can come out and access my database without permissions. Once you have added the address to your address book, you can export the databases to other files and  you can keep using them in another time and location.

Vovsoft Contact Manager is able to import and export the popular VCF files. These files are also called vCards or vCard files. A vCard enables you to send the contact information of an individual in a format that can be easily read in many e-mail programs such as Mozilla Thunderbird or Outlook.

You can download Vovsoft Contact Manager from https://vovsoft.com/software/contact-manager/.