Vovsoft RAM Benchmark : Test RAM Performance for PC

Of all the things that can make your Windows PC perform faster, the RAM stands in top three places after the main processor and the graphics processor. If your RAM is slow then it could make the Windows PC very very slow. The RAM can become slow because of aging and many times it can even make your system hang.

When we buy RAM online, some of the sellers swindle the customer by sending old RAM modules, packed inside new wrappers. These old RAM modules have been cleaned and new stickers have been placed on them, but they are very old used products.

In order to find the performance of your installed RAM modules on a Windows PC, we can use a freeware software called Vovsoft RAM Benchmark. It is a small portable tool that can check how fast your RAM works for different cycles of read and write operations.

Vovsoft RAM Benchmark

This RAM benchmark tool detects the total amount of RAM installed on your Windows PC. Then it gives the user the option to check for the read-write operations on your RAM. We can choose a block size and click on the Run Benchmark button. In a few seconds, it displays the results in terms of the RAM speeds – minimum, maximum and average. We can choose to repeat the benchmark for a number of times hoping to get a better average.

If the user has installed many RAM modules from different memory manufacturers, then the tool does not give an option to check only one or both of the RAM modules. The test shows a average of both the modules put together. The only option is to manually  remove all the RAM modules except one and then use Vovsoft RAM Benchmark to test that module alone.

You can download Vovsoft RAM Benchmark from https://vovsoft.com/software/ram-benchmark/.