WinFellow : High Performance Amiga Emulator for Windows

Commodore Amiga personal computers were first introduced by Commodore International in 1985. The Amiga series of personal computers were known for their highly advanced graphics and audio capabilities (for that time). This is what made them popular choice for gaming, multimedia, and creative applications during the late 1980s and early 1990s. Now Commodore Amiga has become a thing of the past, but we can still enjoy Amiga games and applications using an Amiga emulator like WinFellow.

WinFellow is a high-performance Amiga emulator which works great on the Windows operating system. We can use it to play old Amiga games on a Windows PC.

For enjoy Amiga games on your Windows PC, you need WinFellow, the game ROMs and the KickStart files. The last of these three items have to be secured from an authentic source as WinFellow does not provide them.

WinFellow Emulator

After launching WinFellow, we can click on the “Configuration” button and then select the KickStart files. Without this step, you will keep getting errors if you try to emulate Amiga OS.

For running an application or game in this WinFellow emulator, you have to select the disk images and then click on the “Start Emulation” button. This should be able to run the Amiga emulator as expected.

There is also one thing that the users much be careful about. These games and applications were designed to run on a particular version of Amiga OS. This is why you should first find out the Amiga version for which your game or application ROM is designed for.

WinFellow Emulator

WinFellow can be used to run all versions of Amiga. But for running a particular version of Amiga you must provide the compatible KickStart files. For example, KickStart 1.1 can be used to run Commodo Amiga A1000 and KickStart 3.1 can be used to run Amiga A1200 and A4000.

You can download WinFellow emulator from