Xelitan PDF Reader : Fast And Portable PDF Viewer

PDF files have become so common place that it has now become essential to have at least one PDF viewer application on your PC. Even though we can open and view PDF files inside any of the modern web browsers such as Firefox, Vivaldi, Opera, Chrome and Edge. But it is always better to have a dedicated PDF viewer installed on your Windows PC.

If you are looking for a very lightweight and small PDF viewer other than the Sumatra PDF viewer then you should consider Xelitan PDF Reader. This PDF viewer offers all the commonly found features and some advanced options as well. It is available both in the installable format and as a portable application. The portable version of Xelitan PDF Reader is only 4 MB in size. We can keep it easily on a portable USB drive and use it on any Windows PC.

Xelitan PDF Reader

The user interface of Xelitan PDF Reader is very modern and uses lightly colored icons. We can open PDF file using drag-n-drop action in this PDF viewer. We can also save the existing PDF or any of its pages to an image,  text files, PDF files or HTML files.

In the toolbar, there is an interesting feature that allows the users to apply some filters. These filters work similar to the way they work in an image editor or viewer program. One of these filters makes the PDF pages appear greyscale and another one inverts the colors.

The installer version of Xelitan PDF Reader helps the user associate the PDF files to the Xelitan PDF Reader. But in the portable version we can choose to associate the PDF files with this PDF viewer from its settings. In fact,  this is the only setting available in the Xelitan PDF Reader user interface.

You can download Xelitan PDF Reader from https://xelitan.com/app/xelitan-pdf-reader.