Easy Gamer Utility : Makes PC Perform Faster for Games

Easy Gamer Utility (EGU) is a  Windows application that can optimize and clean your Windows PC to make it perform better when playing computer games. It comes with an arsenal of tools that can do a myriad of tasks. Each of these tasks adds towards making your Windows PC perform better and smoother.

Easy Gamer Utility can clean the cache stored on your computer by various games and game launchers. It supports cleaning the cache for Steam, Epic Games Launcher, Ubisoft Connect, Electronics Arts Launcher, Battle.net launcher and more. By clearing the cache of these game launchers, we can fix many problems we could be having when browsing for new games or launching the installed games.

If you want to backup or edit the configuration files for various games, mods or the saved game data, then Easy Gamer Utility can help you. With just a click of a button, it can open these files for you so you can backup them o modify them.

Easy Gamer Utility

All PC gamers know the importance of using the latest graphics drivers. The latest graphics card drivers not only add new features, but they are much more stable than the older versions. In addition, the new drivers can fix some of the known bugs. With Easy Gamer Utility, we can remove older graphics drivers and install newer versions.

Easy Gamer Utility can also fix some of the most annoying problems with the network. It can flush the DNS cache, reset the network adapter, and change the local IP address (for connecting with the local router). All these actions can result in a much smoother internet connectivity.

Finally, Easy Gamer Utility can also be used for launching any of the installed games. It can automatically find and list all the games found on your system. It can also be used to launch Windows troubleshooter and boot into UEFI interface.

You can download Easy Gamer Utility (EGU) from https://computersluggish.com/downloads/easy-gamer-utility/.