Vovsoft Delete Multiple Files : Batch Delete Your Files

When we want to delete a large number of files, we usually use two methods. One method involves opening a folder, selecting all the files that we want to delete and then hit the Delete key on the keyboard. Another method includes using the command prompt window (cmd.exe shell) and using the del command to delete a number of files using the wildcards. But both of these methods can be used for deleting files from just one folder only at a time.

If you want to batch delete a number of files from multiple locations, then you can use a tool called Vovsoft Delete Multiple Files. This tool is designed to quickly and easily delete a large number of files from a number of different folders. It comes both in an installer package and in form of a portable application.

Vovsoft Delete Multiple Files

Using Vovsoft Delete Multiple Files is very easy. We have to start by adding folders from which the files are to be removed. We also have to choose the masks or wildcards to narrow down the set of the files which are to be deleted. We can even load a text file containing a list of files to be deleted. This file contains a new path and mask on each of the lines.

The Delete Multiple Files tool makes it very easy to batch delete the files. It offers two options to delete the files – send the deleted files to the recycle bin or permanently delete the files. We should be careful when picking the second option because permanently deleted files cannot be recovered.

For finally deleting the files, we can click on the button Delete All. There is another button called List All which does not delete the files but shows a complete list of files which are going to be deleted.

You can download Vovsoft Delete Multiple Files from https://vovsoft.com/software/delete-multiple-files/.