How to Clone Folders Using HiFile File Manager

HiFile File Manager is a dual-pane file manager like Midnight Commander. It is available for various platforms like Windows, macOS and Linus. It is available for free for the Linux users while the macOS and Windows users can enjoy a fully functional trialware version.

There are many features being offered by HiFile File Manager. One of these features is the ability to clone any folder on your hard drive or between two different drives. This is a very useful feature as we can clone the folders to an external drive without much effort.

In order to clone a folder using the HiFile File Manager, we can proceed in the following manner:

  1. Download and install HiFile File Manager from
  2. Launch HiFile File Manager and select the folder to be cloned in the right-pane.
  3. Similarly, open the folder in which is the cloned folder is to going to be placed in the left-side pane.HiFile File Manager
  4. When you have the source folder opened in the right-side pane and the destination folder opened in the left-side pane, select Panels and then Clone from right to left from the menubar. Alternatively, you can also press the hotkey Ctrl+Shift+Left.
  5. The cloning is done instantly and you do not see any confirmation or messages when cloning is started or completed.

We can also clone the left folder to the right folder. In this case, the source folder is set in the left pane and the destination folder is set for the right side pane. Also we have to choose Clone from left to right from the menubar. But the rest of the process is exactly the same.

HiFile File Manager is a really useful file manager for copying or backing up your files to the external drives. It also supports creating archives of many kinds which can be another tool for keeping regular backups.

You can download HiFile File Manager from