Mangayomi : Free Open-Source Manga Comic Book Reader

When I had a chance to visit Japan, all my friends asked me to bring back one or other manga books from there. I had a long list of manga to be purchased from Nakano Broadway near the Nakano train station. But not all the manga or comic books are available in the classic paper format. Some online retailers also offer them in the eBook format. But you need an ebook reader for viewing these ebooks containing latest comic book titles or manga books.

For reading ebooks in a comfortable way, we can use a free and open-source manga reader called Mangayomi. While the developer has designed this software focusing on the manga, it can be used to read all kinds of comic books and even text books. Mangayomi is available for all the popular platforms including Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android. It supports the popular comic book formats such as CBZ and CBR.


For reading manga from various online sources, you have to first install one or more extensions in Mangayomi. Similarly, you can install one or more extensions for watching anime. Through these extensions, you can download manga and anime to your device and enjoy them. There are hundreds of such extensions available in the app.

If you do not want to access the online content and want to read only the offline CBZ or CBR files. For this, you can simply drag-n-drop these files in the library and when they have been added, you can proceed to read them in Managyomi.


In the settings for Managyomi, we can choose to save the downloaded content in form of CBZ format. We can change the folder where the downloaded content is saved. We can change the appearance  of Managyomi window. There is dark mode and multiple themes available.

You can download Mangayomi from