ioloVPN : Secure and Fast VPN Service for Windows

These days almost everyone is using one or other virtual private networking or VPN services. These VPN services offer complete anonymity when accessing the internet which has its own benefits. They usually hide your real IP address behind their own network enhancing your privacy as your browse the internet.

ioloVPN is a similar VPN service which is being offered by the same people who are behind the popular System Mechanic software. It is available for Windows and Android systems as of now. In the future they are going to offer ioloVPN for even more platforms such as iOS and macOS.

ioloVPN is not free and even to download you have to first subscribe to their annual or monthly plans. When you subscribe to ioloVPN, your account is created. These account credentials are needed to download and use it on your computers or other devices.


ioloVPN stays in the Windows notification area and shows the VPN status as you hover your mouse cursor over its icon. When you double-click on this icon a new window is opened in which we can see the connection status, the server to which it is connected, security strength and the virtual IP address assigned to our device.

In the settings for ioloVPN for Windows, we can allow it to be loaded at Windows startup. This way it will automatically connect to the VPN servers and provide your PC security through the VPN. There is also a setting which makes ioloVPN automatically activate the encrypted VPN connection whenever it detects an unsecure WiFi connection.


This could be very useful setting when accessing a free or public WiFi network such as the ones available from hotel rooms, trains, airplanes or libraries. By encrypting the connection, ioloVPN ensures that our data stays safe and that our privacy is not violated.

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