RecoverPDF : Unlock Password Protected PDF Files

Sometimes when we create a PDF file, we decide to secure it so that others cannot print it or copy text from it. This can be easily done from any PDF editor or even from Microsoft Word. OpenOffice or Libre Office Writer also support creating a secure PDF file. But the problem appears when we ourselves forget the password that we used to secure that PDF file. Now we ourselves do not have access to the various features of a PDF file such as printing, copying or extracting etc.

In the situation when you have forgotten the password for a secured PDF file, you can use RecoverPDF to find the password. It is a PDF brute forcer that depends on a dictionary of passwords. It comes with a dictionary of its own but the users can also create a password list file themselves.


In the user interface of RecoverPDF, we have to add the PDF files for which the password has been forgotten. Next we can select a password list (Wordlist) which is basically a text file containing a different password on each line. We can create such a file simply by typing a new password on each new line. After this, we can click on the “Start” button in the RecoverPDF window.

RecoverPDF will try to use the passwords in the dictionary file – one at a time. When it has found the working password, it will stop trying the passwords and display the password for you.

RecoverPDF is a jack the ripper style brute forcer for PDF. It depends entirely on the dictionary file which contains the commonly used passwords. If the user remembers the password partially, then we can create a dictionary file of our own containing passwords which might work with your stolen device.

You can download RecoverPDF from