PDFCompressor-CL : Command Line PDF Compression Tool

PDFCompressor-CL is an advanced PDF compression tool for Windows. It can process existing PDF files and produce more compatible and well optimized PDF files which are also smaller in size.

PDFCompressor-CL is a command line tool and must be used from a text-based user interface such as the command prompt, terminal or PowerShell.

It must be installed on the Windows PC on which we want to use it. It is not a free software and is available in a 30-day trial version. When we compress or process PDF files using the trial version, it adds a “DEMO” watermark on the resulting PDF files. It also keeps reminding us for registering the product each and every time we process files.


There is no graphical user interface available for PDFCompressor-CL but it does offer a very easy to use command ie interface (CLI). When using this tool, we have to specify the source file using the /src switch and the destination file by using the /dst switch. Both the source and the destination files must be specified with full path and within double-quotes. Depending on the size of the PDF file to process, it will take shorter or longer time to process them. There is no visual indication of the progress when it is working.

For the PDFCompressor-CL options, we can double-click on its desktop shortcut and change the settings using the graphical user interface. In its window, we can choose one of the profiles and default settings. There are many profiles such as the use of the latest JBIG and JPEG2000 libraries to compress the images inside the PDF files.


We can also change how the images are processed, how the other resources are handles, whether to remove something from the PDF files and the output document format to be produced.

Overall, PDFCompressor-CL works great without any errors. It produced 20-30% smaller files when we processed scanned PDF documents using this tool.

You can download PDFCompressor-CL from https://www.smallestpdf.com/en/.