Sound Manager : Create & Share Windows Sound Schemes

Windows is an operating system that interacts with the users in all the possible ways. For example, whenever a system event occurs, Windows notifies the users through a sound. This sound can be heard even if  you are not paying attention to your computer screen.

But what sound is played for which of the events is determined by the currently active sound schemes. Windows comes with a standard sound scheme, but we can install many more sound schemes. If you want, you can create and share Windows sound schemes of your own using an open-source tool called Sound Manager.

In the user interface of Sound Manager, we can see that it already loads the currently active sound schemes. All the sounds from this sound scheme and their events are displayed in its window in form of icons. We can click on these icons and play the associated sounds. We can also choose a new sound for that event if needed. Some sound schemes do not have the sounds configured for some less used sound events. But we can add the sounds for various events for these sound schemes as well.

Sound Manager

For the sound schemes, we can also add a thumbnail image, the author of the scheme and the basic description of the sound scheme. You can export the newly created/modified sound scheme to a sound scheme package in the THS format. These THS sound scheme format files are basically ZIP archives containing all the WAV sound files for various events, an “scheme.ini” file which defines the events and the corresponding sound files, and the thumbnails image used for the sound scheme.

We can share out sound scheme files with other Windows users online. We can use Sound Manager for installing these sound schemes on our Windows computers.

You can download Sound Manager from