Product Key Explorer : Find License Keys for All Software

Has  it ever happened to you that after buying an expensive software, you lost the software media (CD/DVD) along with its installation license key? Whether you believe it or not, it happens to many people. So many people end up buying an entire new Windows DVD with a new license key just because they lost the license key of Windows already installed on their Windows PC.

Before you give up looking for the registration or license key for your software that you have already paid for, you should try a software called “Product Key Explorer”. This small program for Windows can scan your Windows PC and find the license keys for more than 10,000 different software. Of course, it can find only those license keys that were installed on your PC.

Product Key Explorer has a very neatly designed user interface. If you are looking for the license keys on your local computer then first enter the administrator credentials (username and passwords) under the Authorization section and then click on the “Find Product Keys” button.

Product Key Explorer

If you want to scan networked computers for license keys, then you have to first click on the button “Select Computers to Scan”. This will show you a list of computers available on the network. Then you have to enter the authorization credentials and click on the “Find Product Keys” button. Now you can sit back and relax, the “Product Key Explorer” is going to populate the list in a few minutes.

It keeps scanning your Windows PC and displaying the found keys in a list. Inside this list, we can see the software titles (product name), remote address (in case of networked PC), data info and product data. We can export this list to a text file. We can also print the entire list using a connected computer.

You can download Product Key Explorer from