Picsvg : Convert PNG, JPG, GIF Image Files to SVG Format

SVG is a relatively new image file format which is preferred when you want to expand the graphics’ resolution to any level you want. SVG images do not lose the quality even when their resolution is changed many times. Unlike some other vector based image file format, SVG is also very web friendly. Some server side scripts like PHP can also generate SVG images dynamically. We can also use PHP to take an existing SVG image file and modify its data in real time. Because of these and many more reasons SVG image file format has become highly desirable.

Picsvg is a web app which can be used to easily convert any image file to the popular SVG file format. If you have an image file in formats like PNG, GIF or JPEG then we can use Picsvg web app to convert these images to the SVG format. By converting JPG, PNG and GIF, we are also converting raster image formats to the vector image formats.

Using Picsvg is extremely easy because it is designed to be very easy for the users of all skill levels. All we have to do is visit Picsvg website and click on the “Upload a Picture” button. You will have to select one of the supported image files (JPG, PNG, GIF) and as soon as you finish uploading the image file, it will start the conversion.

The conversion process takes only a few seconds to complete. A preview of the converted SVG image is displayed in your web browser against the comparison with the original image file. We can change the details setting (strong or great) and the filters (edges and internals ) used to draw the SVG image. We can download the converted SVG image file or view its source code in the web browser itself.

You can visit and start converting image files to the SVG format.