Product Key Finder : Find Software License Keys from PC

When we buy a new  computer, it comes pre-installed with Windows operating system, Microsoft Office and more. As we keep using this computer for months and years, we tend to install more and more software. But if then we lose the computer or the hard disk drive /solid state drive fails, then we lose thousands of dollars worth of software.

We can protect ourselves against such events by making a backup of all the software license keys on our Windows PC. This can be done easily by using a software like Product Key Finder. With the help of this software we can scan a computer and find the license keys belonging to thousands of software products.

Product Key Finder can scan not only the system drive on which Windows is installed but also other external drives. This way we can find the product keys for the software installed on the local computer as well as those from the external drives. If a computer is not bootable anymore, we can take its hard drive out, and scan it using Product Key Finder on some other computer for find the possible product keys on that hard drive.

Product Key Finder

Product Key Finder can scan the hard drives in two modes – quick scan and full scan. The external hard drives are always scanned thoroughly. When it displays a list of all the installation keys or product keys discovered on a hard drive, you can export it to a file in many different formats. We can save the keys in TXT, CSV, MDB, HTML or XML files. We can also copy the keys to the clipboard and paste it any other text editor.

Product Key Finder

Product Key Finder can be a very useful software for everyone who wants to safeguard their software license keys. It supports keys from a huge number of software products from Microsoft, Adobe, EA Sports and more.

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