Drop Icons : Fast Conversion from Any Image to Icons

There are so many image file formats but not all of them can be used for all sorts of applications. A specific image format is useful only for a specific type of application. For example, WebP image file format is now the most popular image file format for websites. But we do not see anyone using WebP image format for photography. Similarly, JPEG is still the most popular for digital cameras and so on.

Icon files are also small images that have a myriad of uses in desktop, mobile and web applications. These tiny images are used as application icons and also for the various menus. If you have an image file and you want to convert it into icons (ICO image file format), then you can use Drop Icons.

Drop Icons is a small application which is able to quickly convert any image file into an icon. When launched, it shows up in form of a small window. We have to drag-n-drop various images on this window. After we click on the “Convert” button, it will instantly generate an icon based on the images dropped on its window.

Drop Icons

In this small window of Drop Icons we have only two options. We can choose to create and save the icons in the same folder where the original image file exists. We can also choose to create a tiny icon. The tiny icon option creates an icon file with only one resolution 256×256 pixels.

Drop Icons is available both in form of an installer package and in form of a portable application. Both formats work in the same manner. It works with many popular image file formats such as PNG, JPG, JFIF, BMP, GIF, SVG, and JPEG. It creates high resolution icons without any user intervention which are compatible on all kinds of platforms.

You can download Drop Icons from https://github.com/genesistoxical/drop-icons.