RisohEditor : Free Resource Editor for Win32 GUI Development

These days computer science students learn to design the GUI directly through the Microsoft Visual Studio using the .NET framework. It is very easy and the learning curve is also not very steep. But the older generations of developers know the importance of coding using Win32 API with C/C++. The programs made that way are more efficient, use less system resources and are smaller in size.

For creating the resource files to be used with the user interface of a Win32 application, we need a resource editor such as RisohEditor. Inside this resource editor, we can easily edit the resource script files (.RC) and add all kinds of resources to the resource script.

RisohEditor is a resource editor for Win32 GUI development. We can use it to create a new resource script or open a binary file to look at its resources. It allows both the text-mode editing of the resource script and the GUI mode editing of the resource script.


We can also open EXE/DLL or any other binary file with resources. We can then extract the resource in form of compile resource (RES ) file which can be used when compiling a Win32 application. This extracted RES can be used with Microsoft Visual C/C++, GCC or any other C/C++ compiler.

In addition to extracting the resource files, it can also clone the resource from an EXE/DLL file. We can also extract individual resources such as icons from inside the loaded EXE/DLL binary files. While it is mainly for the Windows application developers, it can be used to extract some very common files (such as icons) from binary files.

RisohEditor works on all the versions of Windows starting from Windows XP to Windows 11. It even works on the open-source Windows-like operating system ReactOS.

You can download RisohEditor from https://katahiromz.web.fc2.com/re/en/ or https://github.com/katahiromz/RisohEditor.