Mouse Settings Changer : Modify Mouse Settings from CLI

On a Windows computer, there are usually two ways through which we can change the settings for the pointer devices or the mouse settings. First way is through the Windows settings or the Control Panel. For this, we have to first open the Windows settings and find the Mouse section. Depending on your mouse type, the system will offer a number of different options which can be modified from here.

The second method of changing mouse settings is through the mouse software that comes with the mouse itself. For example, if you have a Logitech mouse, then you can change its settings through the Logi Options+ software. Other mice manufacturers also offer similar mouse software for Windows through which we can change the mouse settings.

But now there is a third way to change the mouse settings through Mouse Settings Changer. It is a command line interface (CLI) application using which we can quickly change some of the settings for any standard mouse. The downloaded file for Mouse Settings Changer is MouseSC.exe. When we run this program through command prompt shell or Terminal, it displays the current settings for the mouse.

Mouse Settings Changer

Among the various options displayed for the mouse, it shows mouse speed, the primary mouse button, mouse vertical scroll, mouse horizontal scroll, and whether pointer precision is enabled or not. Under these settings, it also shows various examples of how we can adjust these settings. For example, if we want to increase the mouse pointer speed then we can give the command MouseSC.exe /Speed:15.

If we want to find the information for only one of these settings such as the mouse speed, then we can use the query switch. For example, MouseSC.exe /Query /Speed displays the current mouse pointer speed on your PC.

You can download Mouse Settings Changer from