Sparkbooth : Take Photobooth Style Photos Using Webcam

A photobooth is a fully-automated kiosk where people go to get their photos snapped. There is no photographer needed. You just have to drop some coins in the coin slot and go inside the small kiosk where the camera starts snapping your photos one after another. Depending on the photobooth, it can snap 4 or 5 photos. These photos are printed  in a long strip and can be taken in a few minutes.

If you want to experience the same experience on your computer, then you can use the Sparkbooth software. It brings the photobooth to your desktop computer. All you need is a good quality webcam and Internet access.

After installing Sparkbooth on your Windows PC, you can view your webcam inside the Sparkbooth window. Now you can press the spacebar on your keyboard. You will be shown a timer during which you can pose and it will snap your photo.


This process is repeated four times and the photos are then displayed in form of a strip. These photo strips can then be saved in form of image files or printed off a connected printer. You can also share your photos over the social networks.

In the settings for the Sparkbooth, we can change the background image for the software, we can change the countdown timer, and the background for the photos. We can even set a green screen for the background of the photos. There are also many effects for your photos. There are photo effects such as color, black & white, sepia, pop art, and comic book.


We can change the layout of the photos in the photo strip and even create a photo album using these photos. These photobooth photos are great for birthday parties when you can snap the photos with your family.

You can download Sparkbooth from