Video Rotator and Flipper : Quickly Rotate or Flip the Videos

Sometimes we end up recording the videos  in the wrong orientation. This usually happens when using smartphones for recording the videos. We find it comfortable to hold the smartphone in vertical position (portrait position) and the videos recorded in this manner do not appear very good on large screen devices such as the desktop computers or wide-screen televisions.

If you have mistakenly recorded a video in the wrong orientation, then we can easily change the orientation using a free tool called Video Rotator and Flipper. This software can rotate the video frame counterclockwise or clockwise. It can also be used to flip the video frame vertically or horizontally.

Video Rotator and Flipper has a very easy-to-use user interface. It has all the features built into the same window. We can start by loading the video file into the Video Rotator and Flipper. There are buttons in the toolbar of this software for playing back the original video file and the edited video. This makes it very easy to find out the difference between the original video and the modified videos.

Video Rotater and Flipper

There are options for rotating the video near the bottom edge of the Video Rotator and Flipper’s window. We can choose to keep the video orientation as is, we can rotate the video 90 degrees clockwise. we can rotate the video 90 degrees counter-clockwise, we can choose to rotate the video 180 degrees.

Similarly, it has options to flip the video frame near the bottom edge of the window. We can choose to flip the video frame horizontally or vertically. The software also comes with batch rotate/flip feature. For this, we can load a file that contains the list of all the video files with their full path. The file has to be in TXT, CSV, or Excel file.

You can download Video Rotator and Flipper from