VideoMeld : Timeline Based Multi-Layer Video Editor

If you like using GoldWave to edit audio files, then you are going to love using VideoMeld for editing video files. In fact, VideoMeld is created by the same developers who are behind GoldWave audio editor.

VideoMeld is a feature rich multi-track video editor with support for a large number of audio, video and image files. It uses the same type of timeline based user interface for the editor as used by Adobe Illustrator.

In the VideoMeld window, we can create and open new projects. All of these projects can contain more than one videos, images, audio files and texts. We can add the new videos or images or audio files and drop them anywhere on the timeline. We can also add text and other video effects in the timeline.


This video editor comes with several video effects that can be inserted freely on the timeline. Some of these effects stacked blur, difference, emboss, freeze frame, glow, inner glow, kaleidoscope, magnify, math, motion blur, etc. In general, it comes with more than 50 effects, transitions and compositing functions. In addition, it also comes with effects for the audio including noise cancellation.

VideoMeld also comes with a screen recorder which can be used to record the screen of your computer. After recording the screen of your PC, you can edit it right-away in the VideoMeld software. The video recording included picture-in-picture mode which is a good idea for creating tutorials.

VideoMeld is a very good all-purpose video editor for Windows. It can be used to create impressive tutorials, presentations and vlogs for your YouTube channel. It can work with high definition videos upto 2K. All the videos can be saved in the popular MP4 video format which are preferred when uploading to video sharing platforms like YouTube etc.

You can download VideoMeld from

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