Ashampoo Background Remover : Remove Background from Photos

Professional photographers check for many things before starting to take photographs. For example, they check for the light intensity, direction of the light and also for the proper background. This is why their photographs look so good. But ordinary people keep snapping pictures without worrying about the backgrounds. This is why we often end up having undesirable objects in the background of our photos.

Fortunately, with the help of Ashampoo Background Remover, we can easily remove these background objects and even the whole backgrounds themselves. We can also use this software to remove a background from a photo and replace it with something else. For example, we can remove some ordinary background and replace it with Taj Mahal or Eiffel Tower.

The Ashampoo Background Remover uses very advanced automated methods to detect and remove the backgrounds from our images. As soon as we load an image from our local hard drive, it starts to detect the background. Using a slider control called background transparency we can adjust how much of the background is removed.

Ashampoo Background Remover

In addition it also comes with a brush tool which can be used to add or remove pixels from the image. We have to select a mode – red mode for removal, and green mode for adding the pixels. After the selection we can carefully select and remove/add the pixels in the background.  The edited image can be quickly copied to the clipboard for use in other applications. We can also save the edited image to many different image file formats.

The software comes with some tools to rotate and flip the image for easy selection of the objects in the background. Furthermore, it comes with an easy bokeh effect (usually found on smartphone cameras) which can blur the background instead of completely removing it.

You can download Ashampoo Background Remover from