WATCHDOG Anti-Malware : Protection Against All Malware

WATCHDOG Anti-Malware is a very lightweight but very effective protection against malware of all kind. It is based on the award winning Zemana Anti-Malware which has been receiving positive reviews from experts for past many years. In fact, WATCHDOG Anti-Malware looks very similar to Zemana Anti-Malware in terms of the user interface.

This anti-malware software provides real-time protection for your Windows PC. It works in the background silently monitoring the file system and the system memory. If it finds a malware making its way to the file system or loading itself in the memory, it quickly stops and neutralizes it.

The user interface of this anti-malware protection displays a status of the system. It displays if the real-time protection is working. You can also choose to scan your complete system or just a folder that you find suspicious.

WATCHDOG Anti-Malware

It quickly detects and displays the found malicious browser extensions, adware, unwanted apps and toolbar and any type of malware on your Windows PC. It even blocks the phishing links. It can also find the items that have placed themselves in the startup locations.It even finds some malware items that have left some entries in the Windows Registry.

WATCHDOG Anti-Malware is very lightweight application. You won’t even notice it as it keeps running in the background. It does not interfere in the other functions of the Windows PC. We can play games, watch videos on Netflix and use other resource hungry applications without any noticeable delay.

WATCHDOG Anti-Malware

The software uses the power of cloud scanning to detect the latest malware and ransomware. It first scans your system and generates fingerprints of the files. Then it sends them to the cloud server to see if they are malicious. This ensures that you are always protected against the latest malware in the wild.

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