Vovsoft Speech to Subtitle Converter : Use AI to Generate Subtitles

Has it ever happened to you that you found the movie of your dreams, but it lacks the subtitles in English. This was the movie that you had been looking for many years and you found it finally. But when you played it, it turned out to be in a language that you are not very good at. So the next obvious step is to search the Internet for the English subtitles, but they are nowhere to be found. Without the English subtitles, we cannot watch a non-English movie.

However things have changed since the advent of AI. Now there is a software called Vovsoft Speech to Subtitle Converter using which we can generate subtitles directly from the audio. This tool supports a large number of languages (57 in count) from all over the world.

Speech to Subtitle Converter uses the AI engine from Replicate (https://replicate.com/) and the user must have a paid API key from Replicate in order to use this software. When you use this software, it will ask you to enter the Replicate API key/token in the settings.

Speech to Subtitle

Using Speech to Subtitle Converter is very easy. You have to specify the audio file URL from which we have to create the subtitles. Next we have to choose the format of the subtitles from VTT or SRT. After this we can simply click on the Convert button. It will connect to the Replicate server and start generating the subtitles. Depending on the length of the audio stream, it will take a short or long time to generate the subtitles. Finally, we can save the generated subtitles to a local file.

Speech to Subtitle Converter is a really useful tool for generating the subtitles for movies or tv shows for which no subtitles currently exist. It is also really useful for the Youtubers who want to add subtitles to their videos.

You can download Vovsoft Speech to Subtitle Converter from https://vovsoft.com/software/speech-to-subtitle-converter/.