Window Title Changer : Set Custom Window Titles

When we launch a Windows application with a graphical user interface (GUI) it usually appears in form of a window. An application window can have many elements such as the titlebar, statusbar and menubar. The text in the title bar of an application’s window is usually set by that application itself. For example, when we launch Microsoft Notepad, its title shows “Untitled – Notepad”. What if we don’t like the text in the title bar of a window? In that case we can change the title text of that window using a freeware tool called “Window Title Changer”.

Window Title Changer is a very simple application that makes use of some Win32 API calls to find a window, acquire its handle and set its title text. These API calls are very easy to make in a program developed in C/C++ but not so much when you are developing with .NET framework.

Window Title Changer is a portable application. When we run it, it displays a list of all the visible windows on our PC. For each of these windows, it also displays the associated process name and the process ID. We can select any of these windows from the list, enter a custom text in the “Window Title” textbox and click on the “Update” button. This will instantly set the custom text for that window.

Window Title Changer

The title set in this manner is temporary. It is changed when you close and relaunch the target application. Furthermore, the application can also reset the title because of some internal event. Some applications don’t like any other process setting their titles and hence prevent such methods.

Window Title Changer is an interesting application and showcases the power of the good old fashioned Win32 API calls. It was tested to work on Windows 10 and Windows 11.

You can download Window Title Changer from