Windows Product Key Finder Shows Windows Product Key

Only a few years ago everyone was running to the nearby computer store for getting the newest installation DVD of the latest Windows version. In those days, we kept the DVD boxes for later use. These product boxes contained all the information one would need to install Windows. This information included the method of installation, the precautions, the activation process and the product key needed for activation.

But now people are preferring to download Windows installation files directly from the Microsoft servers. This method is fast but we often lose the product key used to install or activate Windows. If you have also lost the product key for your copy of Windows, then you are not alone. Fortunately, we can use a simple tool to find this lost product key in a few seconds

Windows Product Key Finder is an open-source freeware tool for finding and displaying the Windows product key. This is the same key that you have used in order to activate your copy of Windows. One drawback of this tool is that it requires .NET 3.5 which has to be downloaded in order to run it.

Windows Product Key Finder

After we have launched Windows Product Key Finder, it displays some basic information about the installed version of the Windows operating system. In its window, we can see the Windows version, the Windows edition, service packs installed, installation date and the serial number of the product installed. It also shows the username and company for the installation of the Windows.

The license key of the installed copy of the Windows operating system is displayed only when we click on the Find Key button. Once this license key is visible, we can copy this to the clipboard and save it anywhere we want. We can even print it on a paper and keep it in the sleeve of the installation DVD cover.

You can download Windows Product Key Finder from