Svchost Viewer Displays Details for svschost.exe Processes

Windows comes with a Task Manager using which we can see all the processes being run on our system. If you have ever used Task Manager, you must have noticed a number of svchost.exe processes running on your system. You must have wondered why so many “svchost.exe” processes are running all the time. While many people have some basic information about these processes that they belong to the Windows system services, they do not know any details about these services.

Since Windows runs the system services using “svchost.exe” and just uses a different set of parameters for various services, many Windows users find themselves discombobulated after seeing them in the Task Manager. Even the popular software like Sysinternals Process Manager do not throw much light on the description of these services.

If you are also feeling confused after scrolling up and down the Task Manager list of the processes, then perhaps an open-source tool “Svchost Viewer” might bring some relief. This tool has been designed to display the currently running svchost processes along with their full descriptions.

Svchost Viewer

For each of the processes (svchost), it displays the process ID (PID). For a service it shows the amount of data written, the amount of data read and the amount of memory it is using. For the service, it shows the name, the service type,  the start mode, the service status, whether that service can be paused, and whether the service can be stopped by the user. In addition, it also shows a brief description of the selected service.

Svchost Viewer works on all versions of Windows starting from Windows XP to Windows 11. It requires Microsoft .NET 2.0 which is not available on Windows 10 or Windows 11, But we can download it from Microsoft servers and start using this program.

You can download Svchost Viewer from