Windows USB Blocker Tool : Quickly Block USB Ports on PC

Back in the early 90s, computers came with many different types of ports and each of these ports could be used only for one or two types of devices. For example, there used be large parallel ports which were used for connecting printers or modems with big bulky cables. But then came USB and it changed everything because it allowed all kinds of devices to be connected through the same port.

Problem is that anyone can quickly connect a USB device designed with a malicious intent to spread malware on your PC. As soon as such devices are connected to your PC, they scan your PC for private information and steal such information. They also infect your PC with RAT (remote access trojan).

One way to avoid such problem is to completely block the USB ports using a free tool called Windows USB Blocker Tool. It is extremely easy to use and is available in form of a portable application. After launching this tool, we can simply click on the Block USB Port button. This will block all the USB ports on your Windows PC. Now if you insert any new USB device then it won’t be detected.

Windows USB Blocker Tool

When you want to use the USB ports once again, you can launch Windows USB Blocker Tool once again. This time you have to click on the Unblock USB Port button. This will unblock the USB ports on your PC all over again. There is nothing easier than using this tool for enabling or disabling the USB ports.

Disabling or blocking the USB ports are desired if you do not anyone to attach to Windows PC at your work desk as soon as your back is turned. This will stop the data thefts done in the old fashioned way.

You can download Windows USB Blocker Tool from