How to Create Cursor Installation Packages for Windows

Most of the cursor packages available online are offered in form of a bunch of cursor (.CUR) files or in form of a ZIP file containing these cursor files. But how do we install these cursors on a Windows PC? We can manually install one cursor at a time but this process can be very annoying and frustrating if you go on to install it on multiple Windows computers. An easy solution is a freeware tool called “Cursor Installer Wizard” which is able to create and installable package for your cursors for Windows computers.

“Cursor Installer Wizard” is an open-source application that makes creating cursor packages extremely easy. It has a user interface in which we can quickly select the cursors of various types. First of all we have to specify a name for the cursor package, for example, “Happy Cursors”.

Cursor Install Wizard

Then we can browse and select the cursors for all the different types. There is a browse button given next to all of these cursors. For example, for choosing a “Busy” cursor, we can click on the browse button next to it and select the cursor that shows the system is busy. In the older versions of Windows, busy cursor was always an animated hourglass cursor, but in the new versions, it is a rotating circle cursor.

After taking these steps, you can click on the button labeled “Create cursor package”. This will generate a ZIP file containing all the cursors and a INF file. When you want to install these cursors on any Windows PC, you can extract the ZIP file to a folder, right-click on the install.inf file and then select Install from the context-menu. This will install the cursor theme for your Windows PC. This new theme can be selected from the Windows Settings.

You can download “Cursor Installer Wizard” from